Spread Fabrics


eSpread fabrics are characterized by their high quality , high surface coverage and high performance. With eSpread lower count filament fibre can be replaced by higher filament count fibre, while the lower weight is maintained (e.g., 200 g / m² with 12K carbon fibre instead of 3k fibre)

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  • Superb surface coverage
  • Superior surface quality
  • Reduced crimp
  • High strength
Technical Data
  • Areal weight: 200g/m² – 300g/m²
  • Weave: plain, twill, satin
  • Fibre size: 12K-24K
  • Fibre types: HT, IM, HM
  • EP Binders
  • Polyester Binders
  • Foil, veil, mat lamination
  • Glass fabric lamination
  • Stabilize fabrics
  • Ideal for preforming
  • Easy cutting
  • Controlled stamping
  • Polyolefin (PP,PE)
  • Polyamide
  • High temperature polymers (PPS, PEI, PEEK)
  • Re-use / recycling possible
  • Fewer transportation restrictions
  • Short processing time
  • Not REACH critical
  • Room temperature storage
  • Process flexibility
  • Longer term storage possible