Multiaxial Fabrics


Our continuous optimization of multiaxial fabrics (eMax) enables us to meet the high requirements of the Aerospace and Automotive industry with respect to quality and reliability, as well as the easiness of processing the material into parts.

Aerospace Industry: Our products stand out due to their enhanced utilization of fibre characteristics compared to standard multiaxial fabrics. Thereby, the mechanical properties of our multiaxial fabrics (e.g. compression, CAI) outperform those of unidirectional prepregs.

Automotive Industry: Leading automotive manufacturers select our material for the production of CFRP (carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic) parts being able to realize Class A surface quality.


  • Multiaxial fabrics in various orientations across layers
  • Biaxial, triaxial and quadaxials
  • Reduced crimp
  • Superb surface quality (Class A confrom)